Our Rural Scene events provide your business with the opportunity to be involved in professionally managed and marketed shows that present a powerful selling and promotional chance in each region. You are invited to apply for participation in events organised by Rural Scene Promotions Pty Ltd. 


Rural Scene Events are strongly supported by local media including television, radio and newspapers.

Promotion & Marketing

Rural Scene events have an extremely extensive targeted advertising and marketing campaigns in conjunction with our supporters in each region plus press releases, banners, flyers and advertisements in selected national magazines. This is accompanied with other country radio campaigns, plus complimentary ticket give-away promotions. Rural Scene website is a great tool for us to not only promote each event but also your business. Banner advertisements will be available to exhibitors in addition to your website hyperlink and website product listing. Visitors to the Rural Scene website will be able to enter monthly product competitions, win ticket competitions and have access to discount tickets on selected show days. Rural Scene also has now established an extensive regional data base so if you are looking to have an in-store promotion we can assist you with emails direct to your target audience.

Stand Selection

ALL SHOWS -  Exhibitors who have exhibited at a Rural Scene event in the previous year have first preference on their site for the following year. Stands are allocated to participants by negotiation with the Organiser who reserves the right to alter allocations when necessary.

Site Area

Please be aware that all of your display must fit inside allocated site. ie. 10m x 10m site does not allow for a 10m x 10m tent as pegs and guide ropes will go over  allocated site  area. Tents  must  fit  inside allocated area including pegs and guide ropes.

Piggy Backing/Site Sharing

No piggy backing or site sharing is allowed at the Show/s. This means unless products / services are retailed by the site holder on a continuous basis they are not allowed to be displayed. If in any doubt, please contact the Organisers.


Electricity must be pre booked. 10 amp - 240 volt power is available on selected sites at each show.


  • Power  boards  used  by  exhibitors  must  have individual on/off switch for each outlet. This is an WH+S requirement.
  •  All extension leads/power boards must be tagged by a qualified person.
  • Participants are required to supply own leads ie. outside 10m / inside 3m.
  • No 15 amp power outlets are provided.
  •  If you plug in an additional appliance and create a problem you will be charged the service fee.
  • Low voltage lighting only.
  • No power, when run off generator, is available  at night.

Show Hours

The Shows are open to the public from 9am-5pm Friday and Saturday,  9am-4pm Sunday.  NO EXHIBITOR  IS ALLOWED  TO DISMANTLE  THEIR DISPLAY PRIOR TO 4PM SUNDAY. If you leave prior to the indicated time you risk not being able to attend further events.  Your  Site  Application is  a signed contract committing you to the full three days at each event.



Exhibitor Passes

  • Collected with kit at site office.
  • 4 x Exhibitor passes for 1st site.
  • 2 x Exhibitor passes for each additional site.
  • If you require more, than you will need to order and pay for them.
  • All staff require a pass.

One Day Passes

  • Need to be pre-ordered and paid for.
  • Will be collected at entrance gate.


Public Risk Insurance must be taken out by each participant to cover the period of the Show involved, including set-up and dismantle. The Organisers will not accept any responsibility for damages or loss to any equipment/stock brought onto the Show's venue. Also please note that the Organiser will not accept any responsibility for any injury or accident to any participant or agent/s of the participant at the Show.

Conduct Of Exhibitors

  1. Exhibitors must ensure their stand is open to view and staffed by well presented and competent representatives during the open hours of each Show.
  2. Exhibitors may only display, retail products and hand out pamphlets etc on their contracted space (see also Piggy-backing/Site Sharing).
  3. The use of videos, TV, and microphones may be permitted. However, sound  levels  MUST NOT disrupt other exhibitors. The Organisers reserve the right to terminate the use of such  equipment at their absolute discretion.

Aims of the Show

We would appreciate if all exhibitors attending the Show/s  participate in the spirit of good will. We aim to provide the following:

  • a pleasant and positive atmosphere
  • harmonious working relationships
  • encourage competition and fair trading amongst exhibitors
  • an opportunity to network with other people within the industry; and
  •  an event that avoids detrimental comparisons amongst exhibitors.

Special Request

All participants undertake to repair and make good any damage to the exhibit space allocated. All sites must be dismantled and removed from Show/s by 5pm on the Monday

following the Show.


No second hand vans or machinery are allowed to be exhibited or displayed for sale at the shows. All equipment on display must have all necessary compliance plates - manufacturers, gas, electricity etc.

Hire Equipment

To order your hire equipment requirements, please contact the Organisers for the preferred supplier at each show. A list of suppliers will be included with statement for each show.

Night Care Taker

A night care taker is on duty each night from 5.00pm till 8.00am - Wednesday to Sunday at each of our Shows. All exhibitors are requested not to leave their site unattended during the Show for the safety of the general public and your stock.


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